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Now we have the VPS option where you can access Credit Money Machine from any computer, Windows, Mac, iPad, Smartphones and Tablets from anywhere in the world

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How to connect to the VPS using Remote Desktop Connection

How to Print from a VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Help Videos by Chad Smith of Expert Credit Systems

CMM Training

Using Credit Money Machine

CMM Highlights

Simple & Advanced Views

Task Management

Contacts System Training

Contacts & Features

Adding Contacts

Linking Contacts

Uploading a Document

Finding Contacts

Leaving Notes

Contact Notes

Invoices and Payments

Invoice Payments

Pay Per Delete Invoicing

Variable PPD Invoicing

Email System

Email System Basics

Emailing Task Groups

Marketing Tools

Auto Responder

Phone Scripts


How to use the Affiliate Finder and the Workflow Manager

How to use the Snippets and the Black Arrows to expedite your work

Basic Training for Credit Money Machine

How to use the Debt Reduction Analyzer

Docs and Videos
How to install Credit Money Machine and Contact Your Client (doc)
How to use the QR Code System (doc)
How to use the Round Robin System


Previous Master Class Videos by Lorenzo Rodriguez

Extracting Disputes plus Tips & Tricks

The Task Manager (How to Properly Follow Up) Tips & Tricks

The Account Receivables (How to Manage your Client Payments) plus Tips & Tricks

The Template Manager (How to Merger Fields) plus Tips & Tricks

The Personal Financial Builder plus Tips & Tricks

The E-mail System plus Tips & Tricks

The AutoMessenger System plus Tips & Tricks

The Private System plus CRM Tips & Tricks

Affiliate & Commissions plus Tips & Tricks

The Invoice System plus Tips & Tricks

The Metro 2 System

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